Seed Seed

Aquamarin © 2008

1. Al Biruni I 23:22
2. Hamra 04:00
3. Al Biruni II 23:51
4. Karamat 03:03

This CD is dedicated to the spirit of the great medieval mystic AL BIRUNI, whose message was that man as the one who "recognizes" is the seed of a SECOND CREATION in the DEVINE PLAN.

The cycle of the flower to the fruit served him as the central image of the service of the HUMAN MIND. The melodious resonance of the PRAYERS appeard to him as the "bees for the flowers in the divine garden".

This CD "Seed" with its fluid meditative spirit aims at the vision of AL BIRUNI.

It is meant as a dedication to this great mystic and an inspiration for those who listen with the "EAR OF THE HEART".

Klaus Wiese: all instruments