Perfume Perfume

Next Era
CD ERA 102-2 ©2006

1. Velvet Octaves 15:41
2. Deer’s Gate 4:02
3. Overland-Express 3:11
4. Handkerchief of Chopin 2:52
5. Drunken Leg 2:24
6. Tabla-Ballet 2:24
7. 7 Up 2:44
8. Chandeliers 6:32
9. Insect Ride 6:44
10. The Canyon 2:33
11. Mungo Trail 5:14
12. Sweet Lemon 2:05

Ambient music is - in my view - a kind of dividing into the uncharted, in terms of the time-map as well as the melodic landscapes. It is much about an expression of the in-between of certain atmospheres and of ambiguity. This album plays with common notions of obvious melodic structures on the outside, but it points at something else behind. In this context, sequence and abrupt change into the essential are as important as the dosis of the unknown. This makes it similar to a perfume-code and its calligraphy. So I choose the direct title Perfume for this album. May the listener decide about the choice of flavours.

Written, performed and produced by Klaus Wiese.