Baraka Baraka

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1. Invocation I 26:12
2. Invocation II 30:46

BARAKA is an arabic term and means "B l e s s i n g from above". And this is the idea behind this music, which has its roots in the spiritual tradition of CENTRAL ASIA. It appears rough from the outside and uncompromising in its melodic shape... It's devoted to the "point of truth" and meant to purify the listener with "hail and rain" from "misleading" views. BARAKA was first produced in the early eighties and became a kind of "cult-music", especially in therapeutic circles. It was designed in a simplistic way with mainly natural instruments like Tamburas, asian harps, voices, bells, wind recorded in the desert and vibes from singing bowls. The simple way of production was meant to keep the "spirit" of direct expression alive...
Now after 25 years we found, it has not lost its charisma and the archaic impact on the psyche is still the same... So it was decided to let it appear again for a new generation of listeners...

Klaus Wiese: Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tamboura, Zither, Cymbals.
Amareesh: Ney Flute.