Qalandar, The Black Rose Qalandar, The Black Rose

New Earth Records 1999
CD NE9903-2

1. Tscheschme-Tark 10:50
2. Tscheschme-Djadu 8:30
3. Tscheschme-Chomaar 3:50
4. Tscheschme-Mast 5:38
5. Tscheschme-Labb 11:54
6. Tscheschme-Qalb 8:01
7. Tscheschme 16:50

Qalandar means free of any order, rule or tradition.
The Qalandar is a freewheeling sect of Sufis that is not bound by any rules of the Tarika (order of Sufis).
The Qalandar are borderless people who are not connected with any other Sufi sect. They don‘t believe in tradition, and this is reflected in their ways and music.
This CD is Saam Schlamminger and Klaus Wiese‘s expression and understanding of the spirit of the Qalandar. The last piece is an original zikr.
The Qalandar originated in Pakistan, but they are in no way related to any other Sufi sect like the Mevlavis of Turkey, or the Shadilis of North Africa or the Chishtis of India.