Soma Soma

Aquamarin Verlag
CD 50058-077

1. Soma I 12:12
2. The Divine 10:05
3. Astral Garden 10:50
4. Feathers 5:25
5. Noor 6:48
6. Soma II 14:30

Soma is an AMBIENT-CD meant for THERAPISTS, who work with TRANCE-INDUCTION and for listeners, who look for real depth in music.
It is a journey through the spheres of the SOM-CHAKRA, gateway to the other worlds.
In the virtual variety of endless possibilities a certain path is chosen, certain stations are touched like "THE DIVINE", showing the awe-inspiring space of the divine totality or in "ASTRAL GARDEN", giving a taste of the purity of PARADISE.
The ALBUM is designed as a hermetic circle, starting, where it ends and ending where it starts...