Angels Breakin´ Angels Breakin´

Amplexus / aurora
CD aur06 limited edition of 500 copies ©1999

1. Dogo 5:48
2. Angels Breakin´ 29:22
3. The Far Horizon 4:50

"Angels Breakin´" is the second album of Nono Orchestra. Nono Orchestra is a group of three persons: Klaus Wiese, Rick Rummler and Mani Reisser. The central idea of Nono Orchestra is to create abstract soundscapes with newly constructed natural instruments: a huge Steel Cello, a Bow Chime (both played with a bow), and finally a Glass Harp, on which singimg bowl-like background sounds are made. "Angels Breakin´" shows the full range of possible expression of sounds, from a soft whistle to unheard powerful screams, which hit the listener like the sword of a Samurai. Those who like the experimental touch of these instruments may enjoy the energetic charisma of these natural sound sculptures...