Samarkand Samarkand

Aquamarin Verlag
CD 50058-031

1. Samarkand I 1:57
2. Samarkand II 28:18
3. Samarkand III 1:23
4. Samarkand IV 16:54
5. Samarkand V 5:17
6. Samarkand VI 6:31

SAMARKAND is dedicated to one aspect of the Sufi-doctrine: "HAL", the flugitive moment of extatic sensation, the wave crest in the ocean of the psyche. Past and future flow together within a short time and without any association to create the perfume of timelessness.
This perfume is the universal component of the consciousness and the starting point in the spiritual development of the Sufi.

Instruments: Zither, Keyboard, Tibetan Singing-Bowls.