Wouivre Wouivre

Amplexus / aurora
CD aur05 limited edition of 500 copies ©1999

1. Nemeton - The Celestial Clearing 0:25
2. Llyr - The Dark Stream 17:40
3. Taran - The Thunder 9:03
4. Llia´g - The Wizard 6:51
5. Dheeog Bhair - Hallucinations 7:17
6. Guth Ather - Invocation 18:39
7. Cruith Ire - The Primordial Harp 13:40

In celtic mythology Wouivre is the Divine Spirit: like a snake crawling along the ground, the Wouivre runs deep beneath the earth, bringing Life and Fertility. There are places where this hidden and sacred Stream reaches the surface, creating a link between Sky and Earth: on such a place the Templar Knights built the Cathedral of Chartres.

Musical cocept, recordings and mixing by Oöphoi in the Kiva, Due Acque, August 1999.
Oöphoi : Tibetan Singing Bowls, Stones, Gongs, Bells, Electronics, Flute, Monochord, Looping, Processing.
Klaus Wiese: Upright Cello, Bowchime, Monochord.