Turandot Turandot

Edition Akasha

1. The Walled Garden 17:20
2. Nimboo 7:00
3. Black Peacock 10:25
4. Crystal Code 14:00
5. Buraq 7:10
6. The Green Robe 7:25
7. Turandot 8:05

The Princess Turandot is the image of the Soul.
She appears for her lovers in a mirror of the other world. Those, who desire to see her face to face, have to pass through many trials and estrangement.
Those, who finally reach her, become blind for everything else but her, but for those, who go astray, the mirror becomes blind and empty...
"Unveiling Reality" by Hakim Sanai.

Instruments: Keyboard, Singing Bowls, Steel-Cello, Voice, Dombak.