The path of white clouds NEBULA : The path of white clouds

Stella Maris
limited numbered edition of 300 copies CD ©2003

1. The quest 4:00
2. Ascension 10:36
3. Devotion 13:25
4. The living mandala 9:15
5. Enlightenment 16:20
6. The path of white clouds 11:16

Please note: THE PATH OF WHITE CLOUDS is not a Klaus Wiese CD. NEBULA is a project by Oöphoi, Mauro Malgrande, Klaus Wiese and others...

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Oöphoi in the Kiva, October 2003.
Klaus Wiese: Zither, Synths
Mathias Grassow: Synths
Mauro Malgrande: Shakuhachi Flute
Oöhpoi: Synths, Voice, Electronics, Processing, Noise, Bells, Gongs, Singing Bowls
Tau Ceti: Synths
Geert Verbeke: Himalayan Bowls
Luna: Vocals
Lorenzo Pierobon: Harmonic Chant