Neptun Neptun

Aquamarin Verlag
CD 50058-030

1. Music Of Spheres 1 17:33
2. Music Of Spheres 2 9:54
3. Music Of Spheres 3 30:05

NEPTUN is the EMERALD between the semi-precious stones of human desire and aspirations. Cloudy, ambigeous, deceptive and yet charged with the magnetism of HIDDEN LIGHT, which is set free, when form dissolves.

Here ordinary "music" dissolves into sound and is born again as music of a higher order in the ear and heart of someone, who has passed through the gates of form and concept.
The SOUND of this recording is generated from the accumulated overtones of TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS. Their unique SOUND QUALITY expresses easily the fluorescence of the NEPTUNIAN spheres.