Ming Noir Ming Noir

Amplexus / ANHIMA
CD KW001 limited edition of 600 copies ©2001

1. Towers Of The Night I 10:02
2. Chi 2:01
3. Ming Noir 12:17
4. Towers Of The Night II 6:39
5. The Bracelet 4:56
6. Wu-Wei 9:03
7. Ninja 10:03
8. Rosewood Room 5:30

Ming Noir is an ambient CD which is built on the reduced emotions of the taoistic world. Stretched in time, referring to the minimal expression of beauty, it offers more a perfume in a psychic room than an impressive design.
Ming Noir is meant to act on an unseen presence, in which melodic moods shine up and disappear into the movements of an undefined background.