Genesis NEBULA : Genesis

Amplexus / Stella Maris
CD SM01 ©2002

1. OM Creation: Breaking The Cosmic Egg 3:12
2. Let There Be Light 6:48
3. Floating Galaxies 14:45
4. Time Vessel At The Gates Of Forever 14:45
5. Pulves Et Umbra (Dust And Shadows) 9:14
6. The Sacred Pool Of Tepeu And Gucumatz 18:30
7. The Dawn Of Man 9:38

Please note: GENESIS is not a Klaus Wiese CD. NEBULA is a project by Oöphoi, Mauro Malgrande, Klaus Wiese and others...

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Oöphoi and Tau Ceti in the Kiva, April 2002. Concept by Oöphoi, inspired by the Popol Vuh of the Maya Quichë.
Klaus Wiese: Tibetan Singing Bowls, Steel Cello, Synths
Mauro Malgrande: Shakuhachi Flute
Oöhpoi: Synths, Samples, Gongs, Drones, Loops and Waves, Processing
Tau Ceti: Synths on tracks 2 and 5
Lorenzo Pierobon: harmonic chant and Electronics on track 7.